Cort is a South Korea based Guitar producer with one of the largest Product lines in the world. The company is famous for high quality and reasonable price all over the world.
Founders started their business in the 1960s as exporter of many brands to USA. In 1973 they established Yoo-Ah Company which was named Cort gradually. Today they manufacture Cort branded guitars as well as Manufacturing guitars for numerous brands all over the world.
Lots of world known artists co-operate or play with cort instruments such as: Jeff Berlin, Gene Simons (Kiss Band), Mathias Jabs (Scorpions Band), Matthew Bellamy (Muse Band).
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BLUE STAR Central Office in Tehran:
Unit 7, No. 371, Hafez Avenue, Tehran-Iran. Telefax: (+9821)66747372

BLUE STAR Showroom in Tehran:
No. 505, Jomhouri Ave., Tehran-Iran, Telephone: (+9821)66706449

BLUE STAR in Dubai:
P.O.Box 40885, Dubai, UAE Tel: +97 150 5449319
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