For decades Bass players have looked to EDEN to provide Speaker Enclosures and Amplification that blends together both Flexibility and Power. Used by high profile Touring Artists, go to Session Players and New Musicians, Eden provides solutions for all situations. Using our unique understanding of Speaker and Amplifier design, paired with a passion for Bass, Eden is truly an inspired choice whatever you’re playing style.

EDEN began its journey in 1976 in Minnesota U.S.A and taking its name from Eden Prairie 12 miles south of Minneapolis in America’s Midwest where the brand was conceived.

Initially EDEN specialised in PA enclosures, both the quality of sound and definition was quickly appreciated by the customer of the time and the business grew larger. When the company branched out into Bass Enclosures, the rest as they say is history. EDEN quickly developed into a desirable brand for bass players providing both professional grade speaker enclosures and with amplifiers with the flexibility to allow players to really access the tone they need.

To this day EDEN specialises in Bass amplifiers and cabinets and speakers of our own design with an objective to ensure players around the world can reach every frequency they need to stand out on stage or in a recording. Eden truly represents Hi Fidelity for Low Frequency.

More recently EDEN became part of the Marshall Amplification group of brands. Retaining its American roots but taking advantage of the support that Marshall could offer, Eden has grown from an American icon to an internationally recognised Bass company.

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