Marshall is a British World leading Amplifier manufacturer and had a great role in musical revolution from the begining. Many world known musicians use marshal amplifiers today.
On Thursday July 7th, 1962, Jim Marshall and Son music shop opened its doors at London. Opened by Jim's old drum teacher, Max Abrams, the shop sold a variety of musical instruments, from brass and woodwind, to Jim's favourite - drums.
It was here where Jim met many guitarists, like Pete Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore, And it was through talking with this new breed of rock 'n' roll guitarist that Jim realised they couldn't find the sound they were looking for. So Jim decided to give them what they wanted, and with his small team began to produce Marshall amplifiers.
In September 1962, the very first Marshall amplifier, affectionately named 'number one', was created. Placed in the window of Jim's shop, twenty three orders were taken on the very first day.
Through all these years Marshall designed and produced many amplifiers that changed guitars and guitarists worlds. Marshall have been played by many important musicians of all times which are too many to mention.
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