Studiomaster since 1976 has started manufacturing professional Audio equipment with multiple English/Chinese management team. It soon began to develope and established branches in different countries all over the world. The company has always tried to be inspired by British great audio Pioneers.

Today Studiomaster is well known for


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Below you may find out more about Studiomaster products.

Mixers and Power Mixers
Studiomaster offers mixers and powered mixers for all kinds of applications, from ultra compact portable ones to big powerful power mixers.






Power Amplifier
Different amplifiers with power range up to 1800 Watt per channel, featuring automatic signal limiting and robust body. DX, MX, RX, AX2 and SX2 are all power amplifier families.






The TRX series is a range of high performance, versatile enclosures with a massive 15 models to choose from, with both passive and active models in the range.  All models feature cast aluminium chassis heavy duty bass transducers with large 1” throat compression drivers, packaged in a rugged hard wearing paint finish.







The new premium quality Studiomaster speaker models are the S3 range of active and passive, high quality speaker cabinets. Featuring 14 models to choose from, al fitted with premium components and CLASS D amplification in the active models.With up to date circuitry, the active moves feature a boost switch to add extra tone to your background music, and a unique switchable standby mode which will turn off the amplifier when no signal has been detected for 3 minutes.



Contact Details
BLUE STAR Central Office in Tehran:
Unit 7, No. 371, Hafez Avenue, Tehran-Iran. Telefax: (+9821)66747372

BLUE STAR Showroom in Tehran:
No. 505, Jomhouri Ave., Tehran-Iran, Telephone: (+9821)66706449

BLUE STAR in Dubai:
P.O.Box 40885, Dubai, UAE Tel: +97 150 5449319
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